Bussmann Short Stop Circuit Breaker CB123-50HB or BP/CB123-50HB 50A 24V Plastic


Bussmann offers a large selection of automotive circuit breakers including both OEM-style and fuse-replacement devices. Some Type III breakers are available with a switch feature that allows the use of an external button to de-energize the circuit. Typically used in auxiliary and accessory circuits for trucks, busses, RVs and boats, they are available in weatherproof/waterproof panel and flush mount versions. They can also be used in battery charging systems that use battery isolators to manage and protect batteries in multi-battery installations.


  • Type: Heavy-Duty
  • Ampere Rating: 50 Amp
  • Voltage Rating: 28 Volt
  • Reset Type: Manual
  • Terminal Connection: Stud